Most people don’t realize that in Utah there are over 60,000 refugees. Imagine three RioTinto Stadiums filled to capacity. Wow! That’s a lot of people! A lot of people who now make Utah their home and will likely be here for the rest of their lives.

Think of the journey and life of a “refugee.” Sure America has lots to offer anyone who lives here but what have refugees given up to be here?! What even is a refugee? A refugee is defined as “someone who has been forced to leave a country because of war or for religious or political reasons.”

Hey Utah: sound at all like how our state was founded? Thought so!

So, we engage the dynamic business community of Utah to provide information, resources, opportunities, and even jobs to hard-working, qualified refugees. Often, the struggles these refugees have faced and overcome just to get here have indirectly prepared them for the rigors of the workplace and entrepreneurial pursuits they may choose. Both sides just don’t really know how to connect with each other.

Refugee Soccer provides the platform to build these important bridges.

Soccer, the world’s sport, is what brings people, especially young people, out of the shadows and their own cultural bubbles that are understandably more comfortable than trying to learn a new language or meet new people. And we’re talking to both refugees and the mainstream communities. Those of us in the mainstream can learn so much from those with seemingly bigger challenges and fewer opportunities who shine and move forward anyway!

Using soccer to engage young adults and kids in something productive and life-sustaining like school and work is based on the model used by our founder, Adam Miles, in an effort in West Africa the past several years called Save-A-Thon For Africa.

So now, in addition to Save-A-Thon trips thousands of miles to Africa with American volunteers, Refugee Soccer will have a similar life-changing impact on the local community here, starting in Utah, then throughout the USA. We will help thousands of refugees and mainstream young adults and youth deepen their love and understanding of life and the people with whom they share their community and enable them to productively contribute to their new home.

Interested? Good! Will you act now?

Let’s go!

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