Somali Stars

Abdi Khar
Current City:
Years in USA:1 year

Player Bio

Family Situation-

I live with my parents here in the USA but have family still back in Somalia. I worry that there are many people that kill and hurt people with guns and I don’t want my family to be hurt.

Home Country Situation-

We left Somalia because it was dangerous and I was scared for our lives. I attended school, played outside, and worked.

Life in the USA-

Living in the USA now I love playing soccer and attending school. I can sleep any time and can have food whenever I want it. It’s free here and I am not restricted.

It is hard in school to get to know new people and make new friends.

Dreams and goals-

I want to be a doctor and help people. And maybe play professional soccer

Message for the mainstream community-

I just want to say thanks for giving me this opportunity to succeed and live a good life.

As told to Refugee Soccer volunteer, Joshua Watson, on 10/30/2016.