Somali Stars

Abubakar Yarow
Current City:Salt Lake City
Years in USA:3 years

Player Bio

Family Situation-

Abubakar lives in Salt Lake City with mom, and 6 siblings. Aisha, the mother works at Deseret Industries, and will soon switch to Walmart to make a living for her family. Abubakar siblings include Ahmed who is is the oldest brother (17 years old), then Abu (short for Abubakar) who is 14 years old, Noradian who is 13, Amina who is 8, Faton who is 7, and Abdirzack who is 4. Abubakar says that his family is the most important thing in his life, and one day wants to get married and start a family of his own. He knows that without his family he wouldn’t be here, and in this situation.

Abubakar has family back in Somalia including older brothers, but the relationship is very minimal. His brothers have never been to the United States of America due to money issues and high security. Abubakar loves and misses his brothers very much, and thinks about them everyday. He says “not knowing if they are okay is extremely hard.”

Although his family had very little in Somalia, and he is very grateful for his life today, money is still a huge problem that his family faces.

At home, his everyday basic necessities are met, and he is beyond grateful for that, it’s sometimes difficult to not know how they are going to make their monthly bills as a family.

Home Country Situation-

When he left Somalia Abubakar claims he left “nothing” and received everything. His life in Somalia was miserable, and he would have given it all to receive the life he has now.

Abubakar lived in scary times in Somalia. With the country always at war, and the terrorism out of control, He didn’t know if he would make it to the next day. When I asked him for an example of why this was so scary, he said “They come in and kill you, unexpectedly.” He had many situations in which he didn’t know if he would survive.

Back in Somalia Abubakar was a student at a nearby school, which is a privilege that he had. He was working to help with his family’s income, and just trying to make it to the next day. His family’s departure to America was well-planned and organized, and they received lots of help.

Life in the USA-

The USA is tremendously better. The biggest challenge is not being able to see my brothers and not knowing their situation.

Dreams and goals-

Abubakar says that college is a must. He aspires to go into business, and become successful for his family to live a better life. He wants to get married and have his own family.

Abubakar is also a very good soccer player. It is “in his blood and bones.” He desires to continue playing this sport and share his love for it with other people.

Message for the mainstream community-

Be grateful for what you have.

As told to Refugee Soccer volunteer, Macy Raddon on 10/30/2016.