Somali Stars

Hamze Osman
Position:Left Wing
Current City:Salt Lake City
School:Utah International
Years in USA:1.5 years

Player Bio

Family Situation-

I live with my mom, my one sister, and three of my brothers. (I have more than eight brothers, but only three of them live here, the rest are in Somalia). My father passed away a long time ago.

Home Country Situation-

We left Somalia because there was not enough education. There was war and people killed each other. Our lives were in danger.

Back home I would go to school. After, I would go look for something to do. I would help people with small tasks, clean shoes, or sell things to earn little bits of money.

Life in the USA-

I love my school teacher. My favorite subjects to study in school are math and English. I’m not sure what is challenging.

Dreams and goals-

My dream is to help those in Africa, who came from the same situation that I did. In the USA, I want to help the homeless. I want to continue playing soccer and play soccer in high school. I want to be a teacher when I grow up, and my favorite thing about the USA is my school teacher.

As told to Refugee Soccer volunteer, Sofia Rahaniotis on 10/30/2016.