Eagle Stars

Isaack Shire
Current City:Salt Lake City
School:Salt Lake Community College
Years in USA:10 Years

Player Bio

Family Situation-

I live with both of my parents in the United States we have a pretty big family. I have some of my dad and mom side back in Africa. What worries me the most about my family back home is that I won’t be able to see them ever. They been waiting for a while to come to the United States but it’s doesn’t look like it’s ever gonna happen.

Home Country Situation-

The reason why my family left our country was because our parents wanted us to have better futures and education and better life’s. There was a lot of stuff happening in the time we were there. I can’t really remember if my life was in danger of safe I was really young in the time. What I was doing? Back home when we were leaving all I did was play soccer I never went to work or anything. Everyday was just soccer soccer soccer,soccer,soccer,soccer,soccer,soccer,with friends.

Life in the USA-

What was it like for me living in the United States it was really great I got to learn a new language I got to learn a whole lot of new things. It was just really great for me and my family coming down here. It place where I can call home.

Dreams and goals-

What I want to accomplish here in America is to have a better future, do good things, good education and to go as far as I can with soccer. Ever since I was a little kid I always want to be a professional soccer player, till now I still have that in my head. It’s not easy but it’s a goal i set when I was a little boy. And am not gonna give up on that goal……..

Message for the mainstream community-

Never quit on a goal you set and never stop chasing your dream. Always Dream Big!!!!