Somali Stars

Jabir Ismail
Current City:Salt Lake City
School:Cottonwood High School
Years in USA:2 years

Player Bio

Family Situation-

I live with my mom, dad and brothers and sisters here in the USA. My grandparents and cousins live in Ethiopia

Things in the USA are good. My family is sending money back to Ethiopia where the rest of my extended family lives.

Home Country Situation-

We left Somalia because of the fighting. Our lives were in danger there so my parents moved us from Somalia to Ethiopia to escape the danger. Back in Africa I would go to school at an islamic school where I learned about the Quran and how to be a good person.

Life in the USA-

I like the food (rice and chicken are my favorite) and the school is great. I am in 9th grade at Cottonwood High School.

Dreams and goals-

My biggest dream is to be a soldier and second to that would be to become a soccer player.

Message for the mainstream community-

I am thankful for everything that the community does for me.


As told to Refugee Soccer volunteer on 10/30/2016.