Somali Stars

Jamal Abdi
Current City:Salt Lake City
School:Utah International
Years in USA:1 year

Player Bio

Family Situation-

I live with my family here in the USA and also have family back in Somalia. I worry about keeping my family safe.

Home Country Situation-

We left Somalia because there is a war, not much education, or jobs to buy essential needs like clothes. War mostly, and of course, our lives were in danger.

Life in the USA-

Living here I love playing soccer and attending school. The food and school is free so I can learn for free. I can work create what I would like to become and I like being able to choose and make my decisions free of war and death.

Dreams and goals-

I want to be a mechanic and become a professional soccer player.

Message for the mainstream community-

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to succeed and live free.


As told to Refugee Soccer volunteer, Joshua Balmer on 10/30/2016.