Somali Stars

Mohamed Hussien
Current City:Salt Lake City
School:Utah International
Years in USA:1 year

Player Bio

Family Situation-

I live with my parents here in the USA but most of my family is still back in Somalia. My life back home was horrible to receive food, water, and life’s necessities.

Home Country Situation-

There was no education, there was a lot of war, a lot of deaths and nothing to do. I desired a safe and educational life. With all the wars going on my life was in danger. When I left my country I was going to school for two or so hours, and then would find something to do to help my family with receiving food, and water. My parents could not because they had no IDs.

Life in the USA-

I like the education, the sports, and the safety in the USA.

The biggest challenges are the language, and my parents having a hard time getting a job. I also have a hard time at school.

Dreams and goals-

I want to graduate college and become a lawyer. He would like keep playing soccer, and work to make the REAL Salt Lake team.

Message for the mainstream community-

I have high goals and am determined to accomplish them. I am definitely going somewhere.

As told to Refugee Soccer volunteer on 10/30/2016.