Somali Stars

This is our first youth refugee team, the Somali Stars. A group of great refugee young men living in Salt Lake City, Utah. As their team name suggests, these boys are primarily from Somalia and most have been in the USA for just a few years or less. The boys are spread out in the Salt Lake Valley with a few of them actually living 1.5 hours north in Cache Valley.

Their dedication to the game and to each other is inspiring. Beyond that, these boys have big plans for their futures and we at Refugee Soccer are totally committed to helping them take advantage of every opportunity ahead of them.

SPRING 2018 SCHEDULE (Click here for the schedule)

The team was recently the subject of a new podcast called A Way Home Together, produced by the IOM, an agency of the United Nations. If you’d like to listen to their episode and learn more about the team visit the podcast here.