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To create moments of hope and happiness through soccer around the world.


The world is in a fractured state. Today, too many citizens in too many nations around the world live in fear of, and actually face, death, torture, sexual assault, and economic inequality. As of mid-2023, there are now more than 110MM fellow humans forcibly displaced from their homes and homelands. This staggering number is equivalent to the 14th most populous country in the world. This is a major, and sadly, worsening crisis.

Refugee Soccer was formed to create and support solutions that combat the tremendous losses of productivity, progress, and hope that result from the massive displacement occurring in the world. Soccer is our secret weapon. Check out WHAT WE DO here.

Guiding Beliefs

  • We believe that regardless of differences in language, color, culture, gender, religion, or political views we are all fundamentally the same and want the same basic things in life:
    • We want our families to lead lives of peace and security;
    • We want to be economically productive and provide for our families;
    • We want our children to live better lives than ourselves.
  • The world is a better place when people, particularly kids, are empowered and motivated to take charge of their lives and reach their full potential.
  • No one becomes displaced by choice so we choose to help displaced people wherever they may be get through the hell that is their daily lives until they are able to return home to peace and stability. If that is not possible then we work with them locally.
  • We believe in abiding by local immigration laws and international treaties and conduct our work within these bounds, even if we disagree with these laws from time to time.


  • Connect refugee & mainstream communities through soccer-related activities.
  • Organize missions to refugee camps around the world to deliver hope and happiness.
  • Maximize impact, transparency, and hustle in all we do.

Refugee Soccer is a social impact venture created and managed by Bridges To America, Inc.* under the leadership and vision of founder, Adam Miles.

*Bridges To America, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Tax ID: 27-2772621.