“I’ve never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else.” 

– Abby Wambach

You love the game. You’re all-in. You wanna play the beautiful game forever. And we love you for all of that!

Did you know there are thousands of kids living in our communities that are here because they were forced from their homelands? These kids love soccer, too, and they play a lot. You might be surprised at how many of these kids are really good!

Sometimes, playing soccer is a way these kids can escape or deal with the trauma they faced back home and challenges they face here in their new home.

But, like you, regardless of their past or present difficulties, these refugee soccer kids have dreams, plans, and yes, goals! Will you help them reach their goals by joining our movement and making a pass to them?

Here’s what you can do to join our team and start making moves.


Be a coach. Be a mentor. Be a driver.

These kids need you (and you may not realize how much you need them). Visit our volunteer page here to sign-up to help.


Repurpose last season’s uniforms and too-small cleats. Our gear drives are good for you, refugees, & the environment. Epic hat trick! Click here for more info & to organize an event.


Teams just like yours, are missing out on the raw, exciting talent and heart we so often see in our refugee players. Partner with us and increase both your club’s performance & its character.


We have specially-branded Refugee Soccer hats & tees coming online that you can buy for your team. Profits support our work. Check out our store here.

ONE STATE. ONE TEAM. Unite with your state to connect pro players to your team and tens of thousands of youth living in refugee camps around the world. See details here.



Refugee Soccer is all about belonging. On behalf of the refugees with whom we are honored to work and play, we seek opportunities with YOUR team to create connection through soccer.

A special training session. A Refugee Day at one of your games. A facilities tour. A performance by refugees. A service project. You get the idea.


Increase exposure to your team and create forever-fans by slapping your logo on our marketing collateral (and forthcoming Refugee Soccer Shuttle Van) as we race all over Utah and the USA attending and hosting soccer events for refugees. 


As an addition to your awesome team gear, we have specially-branded Refugee Soccer hats and tees coming online that you can buy for your team. Profits support our work with refugees. Check out the selection of products at our store here.


Make a one-time (or recurring) tax-deductible Team or Foundation donation to support our efforts. Click here to make a donation or contact us below to discuss alternative payment arrangements. 

Click here to apply for a partnership or reach out below to discuss more details about the best way to involve your team right away. Or, you can directly contact our executive director, Adam, at

Let’s go!