Gear Drive

RECYCLE and REPURPOSE your club’s gently used gear for local refugee kids.

Let’s help your team do something positive with last season’s uniforms and the piles of too-small cleats and balls lying around.

Our gear drives are good for you, good for refugee kids, and good for the environment. Totally epic hat trick! Plus, they are so much fun! 

The model is: COLLECT –> ORGANIZE –> GIVE!


Plan a day (or a week) around a club event such as a camp, practice, or tournament at which you can collect donated gear and uniforms from everyone. Just need to have totes or containers to collect the gear. Make sure you announce this relentlessly to your club via your usual communication channels.


Once the COLLECT step is done you should have a bunch of gear ready to be organized. This step is key as it makes the GIVE step much more fun. You and club volunteers, ideally players, sort through the gear and organize into totes or clear piles in preparation for the GIVE event. (See photo above.)

Step 3: GIVE

Pick a day and location near a refugee neighborhood and plan a 2-4 hour event (we will happily help plan it!) in which we will connect your club to refugee kids and families happy to receive the donated gear you’ve gathered. There is no strict requirement about the event length and you should feel free to make it your own great event. Food and playing soccer with the kids are always a good idea but not required!

If you want to help organize an event please complete the form below and we will be in touch right away!