Orange Star

Why the Orange Star?

As written by 16-year-old refugee, Romisha, now thriving in Salt Lake City, Utah and a valued member of the 2023 #SheBelongs team.

Tens and thousands of refugees attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Africa to get into Europe in hopes of finding safety and a better living condition. They sail across the sea in overcrowded and overpriced boats, praying they float and get to the right place. 

The life jacketed color orange star on the Refugee Soccer logo is a symbol of hope and solidarity. This star represents the amount of sacrifice and the courageous acts that refugees show. Because no matter where we are, we always see the same star in the sky. This star always shines and gives light, ultimately binding us all and helping us find hope in the refugee journey.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have landed on the beaches of the Greek island of Lesbos. Orange life jackets, littering the beaches, and slowly filling the municipal dump that has come to be known as the “life vest graveyard.” Refugee Soccer’s orange star is a symbol of these “life vests,” not of misery but an emblazoned standard of hope.

Photo caption by Gwen Ostermiller, 2023 #SheBelongs Trip Support & Sophie’s mom.