Before Refugee Soccer there was Save-A-Thon.

In 2012, one 12 year-old female goalkeeper raised enough money and awareness to donate 100 soccer balls to kids in Africa (see the news story here). Over the next 2.5 years, Save-A-Thon provided thousands of kids making their way through a very tough existence in Africa with unique opportunities to push their bodies and their minds higher through soccer. This effort culminated in the BRIDGES Cup held in Lagos, Nigeria featuring members of the RSL Women’s Soccer Team playing a friendly match in front of 1,000 fans. Minds were opened. Hearts were touched. Lives were changed.

This simple concept is powerful (and fun) so we are bringing it back!!

We are so excited to re-launch Save-A-Thon with professional goalkeeper Tiffany Sornpao.

Click here to learn more and support Tiffany’s efforts to help us.

More keepers coming soon. If you are a goalkeeper or want to nominate one (male or female) to participate please text us at +1-801-931-1170 or email us here: