Refugee Soccer Teqball Team


Teqball Donates 5 Tables for Refugee Soccer (May 2022)

We are delighted to partner with Teqball and provide yet another way for refugees across the USA to engage their soccer talents and ambitions in fun, healthy, and productive ways.

As part of this effort at Refugee Soccer to introduce this novel soccer-based sport, loved by Messi and Ronaldinho, to the refugee community, Teqbll has donated five (5) tables to be used by refugee kids at various centers around Salt Lake City and beyond here in Utah. (We look forward to expanding this initiative around the US soon.)

Here is how this program will work-

1. Find a location near you in Utah (see list below).

2. Register as a player below.

3. Show up often and play, practice, and prepare for competitions. Bring your friends!

4. Consider entering upcoming competitions around the USA (Ages 15+). More info soon.

5. Submit pics and videos for us to post to our dedicated Instagram account.


More Cool Info!

Competitions have actual prize money up for grabs! Win money for those soccer talents. Refugee Soccer and Teqball will assist the best refugee teams with the cost to attend events.

Carli Lloyd First Female Ambassador for Teqball

ESPN covers Teqball competitions.

Teqball is on its way to becoming an Olympic sport in 2028.


  • Teqball can be played with balls used in football, with size five being official and recommended.
  • Teqball can be played by two players (singles game) or by four players (doubles game).
  • A teqball match consists of best-of-three sets.
  • Each set is played until a player/team reaches 12 points.
  • Every player/team has two attempts to complete a successful service.
  • The players/teams change service after each four points.
  • It is forbidden to touch the ball with the same body part twice consecutively.
  • It is forbidden to return the ball with the same body part twice consecutively.
  • Every player/team is allowed to return the ball with a maximum of 3 touches by any body part, except for the hands and arms.
  • In doubles, a team has a maximum of 3 touches, however, the teammates must pass the ball at least once to each other.
  • While playing, neither the table nor the opponent can be touched.
  • In case of an edgeball, the rally shall be repeated.
  • For more detailed rules visit: