Refugee Soccer League Crisis

Refugee Soccer League Crisis

Email me with your pledge or simply make your donation here TODAY.

The adult refugee soccer league is in crisis. Due to funding cuts by the State the league has gone from 16 teams to 10 teams this season.

The State funds were always used to help subsidize the teams’ portion of the costs to run the league: primarily referees and fields. The loss of that $3,000 has removed a critical funding source for 6 teams. This means that more than 1/3 of the teams, 100+ young men!, have lost the structure and positive activity that Refugee Soccer provides.

Sunday, I interviewed* the League President, Newton Gborway from Liberia, to find out more and discuss how we can help. Here are the key clips from our discussion:

The Problem

The 6 teams that simply can’t afford to play without your help are:

  1. Sky (Asia)
  2. Iraq 1
  3. Mesopotamia (Iraq 2)
  4. KCU (Asia)
  5. Eritrea
  6. Sunnyvale (multiple)

This means that only the 10 teams who can afford the leagues fees without government assistance can play. Put another way, the 6 teams that can’t afford it are excluded from the benefits of the league. This is unacceptable.

The Inequity

What are the benefits of playing refugee soccer?

Benefits to Refugees

Benefits to Community

What do refugees really want? Same thing as you and I!


So, what is the answer?

The Solution


Will you sponsor a team? For $500 you or your company can help put a team back onto the field NOW. Super simple to help TODAY:

  1. Decide to sponsor one (or more) team.
  2. Make donation (increments of $500) directly to BRIDGES at
  3. You may also make pledge by emailing me at and then mail a check.
  4. If you want to sponsor a specific team above either add a note when you make online donation OR email me the team name from the list and you will get credit for the support of that specific team.

In return for your support we will gladly put your logo or name on our website and explore any other promotional effort you propose.

Email me with your pledge or simply make your donation here TODAY.

The return on the $3,000 donation is just too great to not make this happen TODAY. Let’s go!

*To watch the entire interview click below.