COVID Kits for Refugees

COVID Kits for Refugees

The COVID-19 virus has hit the world hard. And it appears that it has hit Communities of Color hardest. The impact is varied but serious: physical, emotional, financial, etc. and as a company, we have decided to do more to help ease the burden.

  1. We are providing high quality, washable cloth masks to refugees for absolutely no cost;
  2. We are gathering soccer equipment and apparel to provide COVID Kits to refugee kids stuck at home this summer and into the school year.

First off, we are selling these washable masks for just $12 and every one purchased enables us to deliver a free mask to a refugee here in need. This helps you, the buyer, slow the spread where they live AND helps the refugee community slow the spread in theirs.

And if you would just like to donate a mask (or three) you can do so directly here with our “Hat Trick” package. 3 for $25.

Secondly, we have numerous donated items from clubs in our home state of Utah, including RSL and the Utah Royals, and around the country, including our founder’s original soccer club-WCSC, that we are packaging up to deliver as COVID Kits to the refugee community.

We have really nice apparel, gently used balls and cleats, and shinguards, etc. In order to most safely and effectively deliver the Kits to refugees here in Utah we have created this Request Form below.

Interested families should use the form below directly, or if you know a family in need feel free to complete this for them.