2021 Year-End Message & Invitation

2021 Year-End Message & Invitation

Happy Holidays!

As 2021 draws to a rapid close, and on behalf of all we are privileged to serve at Refugee Soccer, I would like to wish you and yours a season of peace, hope, and happiness. My team and I have worked tirelessly this year in our little corner of the world to be able to do more good, touch more lives, and generally brighten the world wherever we operate.

The mission of Refugee Soccer is to create moments of hope and happiness through soccer around the world. Here are a few of the highlights of what we were able to accomplish in 2021 to achieve our mission:

  1. Organized a soccer gear & clothing drive for about 100 refugee children in Salt Lake City.
  2. Placed several refugee soccer players onto mainstream clubs at no cost to them.
  3. Distributed soccer apparel to dozens of refugee kids in after-school soccer programs.

As we race into 2022, I am excited to share that our long commitment to hard work and relationship-building is starting to yield breakthrough results. 

  1. We have launched a soccer training program on a US Military Base for hundreds of youth recently airlifted out of Afghanistan as part of Operation Allies Refuge.
    Explore more here.
  2. An exciting new partnership was just announced with the largest youth soccer program in Utah, La Roca FC, to provide resources, talent, and opportunities for refugees locally and across the USA. Explore more here.
  3. We are engaging in ongoing discussions with world-class football clubs about supporting our work at Refugee Soccer.

In 2022, my focus will be on fiercely executing the above opportunities. As someone who knows me and has witnessed my dedication to this mission, I am inviting you to join me and my team in supporting the kids we serve by making a year-end, tax-deductible donation of at least $25. This support will enable us to advance our cause forward more successfully, as well as broaden the scope of the beneficiaries we serve.

You can make your donation easily via PayPal. You are also welcome to contact me for other options, including sending a check. Regardless of whether you donate or not, will you please share this post (see below) with three friends or family members?

We are humbled and honored to have supporters like you in the community, and we recognize the privilege it is to allocate your designated generosity where it will do the most good. 

May the holidays be a time of peaceful reflection for you, your family, and your community.

Faithfully yours,

Adam Miles, Founder and Executive Director

Photo Credit: Simon Berger